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Table 1 ICD 10 codes for smoking related diseases [26]

From: Smoking-attributable mortality in Morocco: results of a prevalence-based study in Casablanca

Disease category ICD 10
Malignant cancers  
Trachea, lungs, bronchi C33–C34
Esophagus C15
Stomach C16
Pancreas C25
Larynx C32
Lips, oral cavity, pharynx C00–C14
Neck of the uterus C53
Kidney and renal pelvis C64-C65
Urinary bladder C67
Acute myeloid leukaemia C92.0
Cardiovascular diseases  
Ischemic heart disease I20-I25
Cerebrovascular disease < 35 I60–I69
Atherosclerosis I 70
Aortic aneurysm I71
Other arterial disease I72-I78
Other cardiaq diseases I25
Respiratory diseases  
Bronchitis, Emphysema J40-J43
Chronic airway obstruction J44–J46
Pneumonia, Influenza J10-J18