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Table 1 Interview topic guide for NHS Health Check non-attenders, Stoke-on-Trent, 2014

From: A qualitative investigation of non-response in NHS health checks

1. Familiarity / knowledge of Health Check Programme
2. Recall of invitation to attend a Health Check
3. Impressions of invitation / letter
4. Feelings about the idea of attending the GP surgery for a Health Check
5. Any advantages / benefits of attending a Health Check
6. Any disadvantages of attending a Health Check
7. Anything that might encourage attendance
8. Alternative settings for Health Check
9. Friends and family who have been for a Health check
10. Friends/family perceptions of interviewee attending a Health check
11. General state of health
12. General lifestyle
13. Use of primary care, visitations to GP
14. Satisfaction with primary care, GP surgery
15. Any other comments about the Health Check