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Table 8 Comparison of hospitalizations for children admitted to severe acute malnutrition treatment in health zones where mothers or community health workers performed malnutrition screening, Mirriah District, Niger between June 2013 and May 2014. Patients requiring inpatient care at any point in the treatment episode

From: Mothers screening for malnutrition by mid-upper arm circumference is non-inferior to community health workers: results from a large-scale pragmatic trial in rural Niger

  Mothers Zone Community Health Workers Zone Risk Ratioa Risk Difference p-value
[95 % CI] [95 % CI]
All admissions 99/1371 (7.22 %) 117/988 (11.84 %) 0.61 [0.47; 0.79] −4.62 % [−7.06; −2.18] <0.0001b
Admissions by MUAC <115 mm 44/569 (7.73 %) 55/413 (13.32 %) 0.58 [0.40; 0.85] −5.58 % [−9.53; −1.64] 0.0021b
  1. MUAC mid-upper arm circumference, CHW Community Health Worker
  2. aRisk Ratio: The ratio of the proportion hospitalized in the Mothers Zone to the proportion hospitalized in the CHW’s zone
  3. Risk Difference: The difference between the proportion hospitalized in the Mothers Zone and the proportion hospitalized in the CHWs Zone
  4. bTwo-tailed p-value for Yates corrected chi-square test (hospitalizations in Mothers Zone and hospitalizations in CHWs Zone.)