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Table 2 Post-test effect sizes used to identify associations with substantive significance

From: Mid-upper-arm circumference based case-detection, admission, and discharging of under five children in a large-scale community-based management of acute malnutrition program in Nigeria

Factor Outcome Test Effect size Standarda
Categorical Categorical Chi-square
Risk ratio (RR) ≠ 1
Risk difference (RD) |RD| > 5%
Categorical Continuous Kruskal-Wallis H Cohen’s db |d| > 0.20
Continuous Continuous Wald type test for β coefficient = 0 Pearson’s |rc| > 0.10 |rc| > 0.10
  1. aStandards were applied post-test (i.e. only for associations with p < 0.05)
  2. bDifference between means divided by the pooled standard deviation [30]
  3. cPearson product moment correlation coefficient