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Table 5 Pooled hazard ratios for anthropometric status and all-cause mortality

From: Children who are both wasted and stunted are also underweight and have a high risk of death: a descriptive epidemiology of multiple anthropometric deficits using data from 51 countries

Anthropometric status Hazard ratioa
Stunted only 1.47 [1.21, 1.78]
Wasted only 2.30 [1.47, 3.60]
Both wasted and stunted (WaSt) 12.25 [7.67,19.58]
  1. aPooled hazard ratios and associated 95% confidence limits calculated using data from 10 prospective studies taken from Table 3 of McDonald CM et al. (2013) [16]. The category labelled “WaSt” is the same as the category “Wasted, stunted, and underweight” in McDonald CM et al. (2013)