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Table 4 Quotes illustrating the presence of ideal campaigning types in the submission by Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network [36]

From: Evidence-based campaigning

Category Positive approach Negative approach
Attitude   Devaluing: “… anti-vaccination advocacy on the part of people who have no regard for the truth or the health of their communities.” (p. 2)
Arguments Arguments for: “All our citizens deserve protection from vaccine preventable disease.” (p. 4) Arguments against: “Every piece of legislation presented so far to promote vaccination has at some time been accused of limiting freedom of speech …” (p. 5)
Authorities   Discrediting: “The AVN has not ceased operating and continues to attempt to mislead the public and legislators.” (p. 9)
Incentives   Penalties: “SAVN supports the removal of the ‘conscientious objection’ clause.” (p. 5)