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Table 3 List of the studies on government stewardship, health system and governance on health care in Nepal, 2009–2018: a systematic review, Nepal, 2018

From: Challenges and opportunities towards the road of universal health coverage (UHC) in Nepal: a systematic review

S.N Study/sources Challenges Opportunities
1 Nepal Millennium Development Goals-Progress Report 2013 [66] Political instability, poor quality of health service and institutional capacity on remote health institution and inequality in health sector. Re-structure of health system to implement new constitution.
2 Present Progress of Information Technology in Health Care System of Nepal [67] Lack and inconsistency of information technology in health care system of Nepal. There are demonstration projects on consistent and wide health sector information system (HSIS).
3 Addressing the challenges to health sector decentralization in Nepal: an inquiry into the policy and implementation processes [68] Centralized and weak management of health system, conflict of different policy objectives, improper coordination between section and department under health ministry, weak legal and institutional framework, unstable health financing. For health care delivery in federal system an expert team has been established and exercising organizational and management structure.
4 Assessing fiscal space for health in Nepal [69] Poor government effort, poor governance in health service delivery, not able to mobilize the internal resources (tax and donation) and insufficient capacity in district level health structure. Social health insurance operational manual is going to draft.
5 Decentralization and district health services in Nepal: understanding the views of service users and service providers [70] The low quality of health care in decentralized institution and existing capacity of health workforce is inadequate. Decentralize system of health in municipality and rural municipality after the amendment of new constitution 2015.
6 Census of Private Hospitals in Nepal [71] Almost private hospitals are centralize and difficult to transfer in remote areas. Enough number of hospitals and competitive medical service is increasing.
7 Susan Heydon. Nepal: Primary Health Care, Universal Health Coverage and Foreign Aid (2015) [72] Foreign aid in health sector of Nepal has been dispersed, inconsistent has not proper coordination. Health financing policy is in discussion.