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Table 1 The list of demographic, cancer-related and work-related variables selected for the EMPCAN study, Belgium 2015–2020

From: The EMPCAN study: protocol of a population-based cohort study on the evolution of the socio-economic position of workers with cancer

Group of variables Variables Levelsa Primary source Data provider
Demographic Age (16–64) 11 NOSSd CBSSh
Gender 2 NRe CBSS
Region 5 NR CBSS
Civil status 12 NR CBSS
Cancer-related Cancer site 7 BCRf BCR
Stage 5 BCR BCR
Month of incidenceb 96 BCR BCR
Treatment 4 IMAg BCR
Quarter of death 2 NR CBSS
Work-related Occupational class 5 NOSS CBSS
Code NACE2c
Code NACE3
Salary class 8 NOSS CBSS
Work schedule 6 NOSS CBSS
Personal-factors (not used) Value of work    
Self-assessed health status    
Self-assessed work ability    
Perceived quality of the relationship with colleagues    
Perceived quality of the relationship with manager/head    
  1. athe maximum number of values that the variable can take, as well as the primary source of information and the EMPCAN provider
  2. bDate of the first microscopic (cytological or histological) confirmation of the malignancy
  3. cStatistical Classification of Economic Activities in the EC. Accessible via: (access on the 4th June 2018)
  4. dNational Office for Social Security
  5. eNational population registry
  6. fBelgian Cancer Registry
  7. gInter-Mutuality Agency
  8. hCrossroad Bank for Social Security