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Table 2 The list of variables that relate to the socio-economic position within the Belgian social security system

From: The EMPCAN study: protocol of a population-based cohort study on the evolution of the socio-economic position of workers with cancer

Group of variables Variables Primary source Data provider
Occupied White collar NOSS CBSS
Blue collar NOSS CBSS
Self-employed NOSS CBSS
Civil servant NOSS CBSS
Inactive Occupational disease FODa CBSS
Occupational accident FOIb CBSS
Sick leave NICc CBSS
Disability NIC CBSS
Handicap FPS SSd BCR
Unemployment Unemployment (job search) NEOe BCR
Career break NEO BCR
Social integration income FPP SIf BCR
Pre-retirement NEO CBSS
Entitled child NOFAg CBSS
Exempt for employment search NEO CBSS
  1. aFund for occupational diseases
  2. bFund for occupational injuries
  3. cNational InterMutualist College
  4. dFederal Public Service for Social Security
  5. eNational Employment Office
  6. fFederal Public Program for Social Inclusion
  7. gNational Office for family allowances