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Table 3 Factors, items, and extracted factor loads of the factor analysis with equimax rotation

From: Psychometric properties of the scale for non-adherence to antiretroviral medication (NAME) among HIV-infected patients

FactorItemsFactor load
Personal barriers1. Not admitting the disease and not being able to cope with it0.751
2. Lack of mental preparation for taking medicines0.693
3. Not being informed of the fact that through using medicines you will experience a normal lifetime0.683
4. Lack of awareness of the proper use of the medicines0.649
5. Uncertainty about the effectiveness of the medicines0.630
6. Considering life and health as unimportant0.600
7. Feeling of hopelessness and depression0.490
8. Lack of awareness of the risk of developing medicine resistance0.389
Medical challenges9. Getting tired of constantly taking medicines0.477
10. Large amount of pills to be taken daily0.732
11. Being lazy in taking medicines0.687
12. Forgetting to take medication0.645
13. Medicine’s side effects0.430
14. Interference of the medications with the joy received by abusing alcohol and drugs0.363
services quality15. Not having enough and proper access to consultation services0.730
16. Not receiving empathy from your physician0.658
17. Waiting for a long time to receive medicine and visit a doctor0.516
18. Lack of needed medicines in therapeutic centers0.597
19. Insufficient guidance of medical staff0.454
20. Bad behavior of medical staff0.365
Financial problems21. The cost of traveling to therapy centers for medicines0.837
22. The cost of medical tests0.779
Perceived support23. Not having someone to remind you when you should take the medicines0.845
24. Not having family care or supervision in taking medicines0.835
25. Lack of family emotional support0.531
26. Not having Emotional connection with other patients living with HIV0.406
Disclosure of the disease27. Fear of the disclosure of the disease while taking medicines0.757
28. Bad feeling caused by discrimination in comparison with healthy people in the society0.707
29. Fear of others seeing the medicines0.647
30. Not going to take the medicines because your privacy is not preserved0.606