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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the participants

From: Self-care behaviors related to air pollution protection questionnaire: a psychometric analysis

 Nutrition and Food Sciences123.9
 Allied Medical Sciences7324.3
 Nursing and Midwifery4715.6
Living in dormitory
Fathers Education Level
 Primary school (grades 1–6)6822.6
 Secondary school (grades 7–9)5417.9
High school (grades 10–12)9029.9
 Academic (grades 13–16)8929.6
Mothers Education Level
 Primary school (grades 1–6)11437.9
 Secondary school (grades 7–9)6421.3
 High school (grades 10–12)7926.2
 Academic (grades 13–16)4414.6
aFamily Economic Status (Describing someone’s equipment’s such as owning a house, furniture, car, etc)
 Very Good134.3
  1. a Participants were asked to select one of the following phrases to describe their family economic status: ‘Weak’, ‘Average’, ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’