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Table 1 Individual characteristics of the study sample from Belgium (N = 1007)

From: Consumers’ food choices, understanding and perceptions in response to different front-of-pack nutrition labelling systems in Belgium: results from an online experimental study

Age, years
  ≥ 5133533.3
Educational level
 Primary education555.5
 Secondary education32832.6
 Trade certificate11711.6
 University, undergraduate degree35635.4
 University, postgraduate degree15115.0
Level of household monthly income
Responsible for grocery shopping
 Share job equally19619.5
Self-estimated diet quality
 I eat a very unhealthy diet171.7
 I eat a mostly unhealthy diet21321.2
 I eat a mostly healthy diet63463.0
 I eat a very healthy diet14314.2
Nutrition knowledge
 I do not know anything about nutrition313.1
 I am not very knowledgeable about nutrition28728.5
 I am somewhat knowledgeable about nutrition63463.0
 I am very knowledgeable about nutrition17016.9
Did you see the FOP label during the survey?
Participants who recalled seeing the FoPL they were exposed to
 GDA label13365.8
 Warning symbol8140.3