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Table 4 Eigenvectors of active variables on the two dimensions from the principal component analysis

From: Consumers’ food choices, understanding and perceptions in response to different front-of-pack nutrition labelling systems in Belgium: results from an online experimental study

Perception StatementsEigenvectors
Dimension 1Dimension 2
Food companies should be able to choose whether they apply this label to their packaged foods0.0020.438
This label is confusing−0.2310.495
It should be compulsory for this label to be shown on packaged food products0.3810.047
I like this label0.4130.228
This label does not stand out−0.1020.419
This label is easy to understand0.442−0.005
This label took too long to understand−0.1840.528
This label provides me with the information I need0.4520.140
I trust this label0.4310.186