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Table 1 Definitions of the six items for drug therapy of HDPs and their evidence

From: Adherence to drug therapy for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a cross-sectional survey

ItemsDefinitions of applicable womenaDefinitions of adherenceEvidence
Antihypertensive drugs
 Q1: Time of antihypertensive drug useWomen with BP ≥ 160/110 mmHgUse antihypertensive drugslow
 Q2: Dosage of antihypertensive drugsbWomen with BP ≥ 160/110 mmHg treated with oral nicardipinecAdherence to per dose and dosing frequencylow
 Q2–1 Per doseInitial dose 20–40 mg 
 Q2–2 Dosing frequencyThree times a day 
 Q3: Time of MgSO4 useWomen with severe pre-eclampsiaUse MgSO4high
 Q4: Route of administration and dosage of MgSO4Women with severe pre-eclampsia treated with MgSO4Adherence to route, loading dose, and maintenance doselow
 Q4–1 RouteIntravenous or intramuscular 
 Q4–2 Loading dose2.5–5 g 
 Q4–3 Maintenance doseNot more than 25 g in 24 h 
 Q5: Time of corticosteroid useWomen with severe pre-eclampsia, before 34 weeks of gestation when delivery is probable within 7 daysUse corticosteroidshigh
 Q6: Route of administration and dosage of corticosteroids bWomen with pre-eclampsia, before 34 weeks of gestation when delivery is probable within 7 days, treated with dexamethasoneAdherence to route, per dose, dosing frequency, and continuous treatment timeslow
 Q6–1 RouteIntramuscular 
 Q6–2 Per dose5 mg 
 Q6–3 Dosing frequencyTwo times a day 
 Q6–4 Continuous treatment timesFour times 
  1. Notes: HDPs hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Qi (i = 1 to 6) is the code for items, and Qi-j (i = 2, 4 or 6; j = 1,2,3 or 4) is the code for detailed items of Qi
  2. a The applicable and adhering situation of women with chronic hypertension with superimposed pre-eclampsia referred to women with chronic hypertension or pre-eclampsia [3]. b In the route of administration and dosage of antihypertensive drugs and corticosteroids, the most frequently used drugs, such as nicardipine and dexamethasone, are presented. c Data on the dosage of intravenous nicardipine were unavailable. Hence, only the dosage of oral nicardipine was evaluated