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Table 1 Networks involved in BRIDGE Health

From: Learning from previous work and finding synergies in the domains of public and environmental health: EU-funded projects BRIDGE Health and HBM4EU

No Network acronym Network name Link
1 COPHES Consortium to Perform Human Biomonitoring on a European Scale
2 CHICOS Developing a Child Cohort Research Strategy for Europe
3 ENRIECO Environmental Health Risks in European Birth Cohorts
4 EU-IBD European Invasive Bacterial Disease Surveillance Network
5 EuroHOPE European Health Care Outcomes, Performance and Efficiency
6 EUBIROD EUropean Best Information through Regional Outcomes in Diabetes
7 ECHO European Collaborative for Healthcare Optimization
8 EUROCISS European Cardiovascular Indicators Surveillance Set
9 ECHIM European Community Health Indicators and Monitoring
10 EHES European Health Examination Survey
11 EHLEIS Advanced research on European health expectancies
12 EURO-PERISTAT European Perinatal Information System
13 EuroREACH access to health care data for cross-country comparisons of efficiency and quality
14 Eurosafe European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion