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Table 3 Overview of synergies between the EU-projects BRIDGE Health and HBM4EU

From: Learning from previous work and finding synergies in the domains of public and environmental health: EU-funded projects BRIDGE Health and HBM4EU

Synergies BRIDGE Health HBM4EU
Indicator development Revision of European Core Health Indicators (ECHI) for presenting relevant and comparable information on health at European level. Development of HBM-based indicators for better knowledge transfer and policy advice of chemical exposure burden in the European population.
Interoperability of European databases Establishment of EuroREACH working towards a comparative evaluation of health care systems in Europe. HBM datasets will be fed into IPCHEM to support a more coordinated approach to collect, store and access monitoring data on chemicals and chemical mixtures, in humans and in the environment in Europe.
Combining HBM and HES Update and further development of standardized protocols, related training materials, data management and reporting system for conducting HES at European level. Elaboration of advantages for knowledge gain on human health in combining HBM and HES based on experiences from different countries. Implementation of feasibility studies to combine HBM studies and HES in Europe.