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Table 1 The interview guide from Copenhagen Economics

From: Incentives for Danish healthcare management based on a pilot outcome-based, patient-centric management model in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: the non-interventional IMPROVE study

Interview Guide Questions asked
Interview person • What is your background?
• What is your role in relation to the treatment of psoriasis patients?
• What motivates you to make an extra effort in your daily work with psoriasis patients?
The current psoriasis treatment • Can you describe the treatment journey for a concrete psoriasis patient?
• How much variability is there in the state of disease between different observations of the same psoriasis patients?
• Which value do the different treatment options provide for psoriasis patients?
• If you had the same budget, with otherwise entirely free hands, would you organize treatment different from today?
The economic management model • What kind of economic management are you subject to today as a practitioner working with psoriasis patients?
• How do you experience the incentives you are faced with?
• Do you have suggestions for changes in the economic management you encounter in your work?
Patients results • Who has influence on the results of treatment?
• Which role does the patient’s behavior play for a treatment’s result(s)?
• To what extent do random events have an impact on the results?
Conclusion • Is there anything you would like to add or that we have not asked you about?
• Thank you very much for your participation!