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Table 2 Risk factors of the Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs) derived from the qualitative studies published between 2000 to 2019

From: Meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence in road traffic injury prevention: a scoping review of qualitative studies (2000 to 2019)

Sub-theme Risk factors
General risk factors 1. Inadequate and ineffective training before getting licensed
2. Poor supervision (shortages of manpower, limited facilities, and no rigid supervision)
3. Unsafe environment for driving (Unsafe roads, Unsafe vehicles)
4. Lack of responsibility and contribution of the families
5. Risky behaviors of the drivers (drunk driving, high speed, using a cellphone, and so on)
Risk factors of motorcyclists 1. Risky behaviors of motorcyclists (show plays, drunk riding, no use of helmet, using a cellphone, and so on)
2. The low purchasing power of the motorcyclists to buy a proper motorcycle, helmet, and other safety tools (remind that most studies were conducted at LMICs)
3. Limitations in developing and executing the legislation related to motorcyclists
4. Lack of special ways for motorcyclists
5. The vulnerability of the motorcycles in adverse weather conditions
Risk factors of children and adolescents 1. Risk factors related to the parents (Low use of specific safety equipment, insufficient care of the children, law-breaking by parents and then becoming a model by children and adolescents, and so on)
2. Risk factors related to the children and adolescents (enjoying high speed, low ability of analysis and understanding, and so on)
3. Impact of peers
4. Low knowledge of rules, regulations, and safety rules