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Table 2 Fieldwork distribution

From: Sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression-based violence in Catalan universities: qualitative findings from university students and staff

Research tool Participants Institutional affiliation
Semi-structured interviews 12 active university professors or staff. Belonging to the participant Universities in the studyFootnote

The participant universities in the study are:

  • Rovira i Virgili University.

  • Girona University.

  • Lleida University.

  • Vic University.

  • Barcelona University.

  • Ramón Llull University.

Semi-structured interviews 4 heads of the University Equality Unit or Committee presently active, and professionals working in them. Units belonging to the participant Universities in the study.
Communicative daily life stories 12 university students starting from second year of the BA degree up to the last year of the PhD. Belonging to any Catalan University.
  1. Chart of the distribution of research tools, sample and target institutions for the organization of the fieldwork
  2. Form: Table elaborated by the research team of the project for the organization and distribution of research tools and academic community