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Table 2 Example of coded transcript by an informant in a study on politicians’ perspectives on participation in mammographic screening, Sweden, 2019

From: The politicians’ perspectives on participation in mammographic screening: an interview-based study from a region in Sweden

Transcript Codes
Interviewer: What would you change to increase the participation rate in mammographic screening?  
An informant: I would (…) do more of outreach work. I do believe that I would do more of that, than we do today in such a case. More activity
Reaching out to women
Interviewer: Mm, of what have been discussed, what do you perceive as most important and why?  
An informant: [Audible exhale, contemplating for a while] Most important and why? Of, of what we have discussed, I believe that (…) the most important is not to be content with 80% or a bit more percentage [participation rate] but to reflect on those who do not participate, and specifically, since we know that in some groups, there is far below 80% who participate, that I think is the important [thing]. And what we can do regarding that. Continue to strive
Not be content
Participation differences among groups
Target groups