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Table 4 Factor structured of the SF-12 scale

From: Validation of the Arabic version of the “12-item short-form health survey” (SF-12) in a sample of Lebanese adults

  Factor 1 Factor 2
Role emotional (RE)
 Accomplished less due to emotional problems (RE) 0.920  
 Not careful in work or activities due to emotional problems (RE) 0.837  
Mental health (MH)
 Feel calm and peaceful (MH1) -0.729  
 Feel downhearted and blue (MH2) 0.606  
Vitality (VT)
 Having a lot of energy (VT1) -0.693  
Social functioning (SF)
 Interference of physical health or emotional problems with social activities (SF1) 0.517  
Physical functioning (PF)
 Limitations in moderate physical activities (PF1)   0.915
 Limitations in climbing several flights of stairs (PF2)   0.823
Role physical (RP)
Accomplished less due to physical health (RP1)   0.473
Limited in kind of work or activities due to physical health (RP2)   0.452
Bodily pain (BP)
Pain interference with work inside or outside home (BP)   -0.678
General health (GH)
Health rating in general (GH1)   -0.690
Variance explained (%) 42.92 12.83
Cronbach’s alpha 0.707 0.743
  1. Note: Items with negative loading factors have a reversed coding.