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Table 2 Demographics of the participants

From: The physical and mental impact of surviving sepsis – a qualitative study of experiences and perceptions among a Swedish sample

Age Gender Type of interview Type of infection ICU Long-term effects Comorbiditybefore sepsis Comorbidity after sepsis Sepsis episode Date of interview
22 Female In person Thrombo
No Pain, fever, fatigue Chiari- malformation Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) January 2019 April 2019
31 Male In person Upper respiratory infection Yes Cognitive impairment, amputation, wounds, pain, fatigue, pondering No No March 2018 March 2019
38 Female In person After childbirth, Sectio No Cognitive impairment, impaired short-term memory, fatigue, pondering, depression No No July 2018 March 2019
41 Female Telephone Erysipelas Yes Frailty of the body, fatigue No No Nov 2017 April 2019
45 Female Telephone Pneumonia Yes Cognitive impairment, depression, loss self-esteem, fatigue No No Jan 2019 April 2019
51 Male In person Influenza Yes Cognitive impairment, depression, sleeping problems, loss selfesteem Pacemaker PM/ICD and
No Jan 2018 April 2019
56 Male Telephone Pneumonia Yes Total loss of HRQoL, dependent on help with ADL pain, wounds Diabetes Myocardial infarction Dec 2015 April 2019
58 Male Telephone Pneumonia No Pain, fatigue, sleeping problems No No March 2018 April 2019
  1. The interviews were conducted over 5 weeks between 21/3–24/4 2019. Information on sepsis forum was published in the end of Febrauary 2019, and the first respondent made contact after 2,5 weeks