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Table 7 Model fit indices for the confirmatory factor analyses of the Igbo-HADS for the observed EFA structure, original two-factor and one-factor structures [obtained from participants from rural Nigerian communities involved in the cross-sectional validity testing on 22 August 2014]

From: Detecting anxiety and depression among people with limited literacy living with chronic low back pain in Nigeria: adaptation and validation of the hospital anxiety and depression scale

Igbo-HADS CFA applications Model fit indices
Igbo-HADS EFA structure 182.608 (< 0.001) 0.805 0.767 0.084 0.089 0.767 0.714
Original HADS two-factor structure applied to Igbo-HADS 180.946 (< 0.001) 0.808 0.770 0.083 0.087 0.770 0.716
One-factor structure applied to Igbo-HADS 193.785 (< 0.001) 0.786 0.748 0.087 0.090 0.748 0.696
  1. CFA Confirmatory Factor Analysis, X2 Chi-square, CFI Comparative Fit Index, TLI Tucker-Lewis Index, RMSEA Root Mean Square Error of Approximation, SRMR Standardised Root Mean square Residual, NNFI Non-Normed Fit Index, NFI Normed Fit Index.