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Table 1 Comparative summary of the different disease-specific registers available in the different small European member states

From: Conducting national burden of disease studies in small countries in Europe– a feasible challenge?

Morbidity registry Cyprus Iceland Luxembourg Malta Montenegro
Cancer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HIV/AIDS Yes No Yes No No
Communicable diseases No Yes Yes No Yes
Diabetes Yes No No No Yes
Cardiovascular disease No Yes No No Yes
Nosocomial infections No No Yes No No
Perinatal health No No Yes No No
Rare diseases No No No Yes No
Cerebral palsy No No No Yes No
Birth defects No No No Yes No
Dementia No No No Yes No
Hospital discharge/statistics No Yes Yes Yes No
Prescription medicines No Yes No Yes No
Drug and drugs addiction No No Yes No YEs
Trauma and accident No Yes Yes No No
Vaccination No Yes No Yes Yes
Transplants No No No Yes No