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Table 1 Health checks for adults covered by statutory health insurance in Germany in 2011 (outcome measures)

From: Utilization of preventive care among migrants and non-migrants in Germany: results from the representative cross-sectional study ‘German health interview and examination survey for adults (DEGS1)’

Health check Aim Type of examination Target group Age Examination interval
Dental Check-Up Early detection of tooth, mouth and jaw diseases Examination of dental condition and oral cavity Women, men From 18 years Two examinations within 1 year
General Health Check-Up Early detection of chronic diseases and their main risk factors Anamnesis Women, men From 35 years Every 2 years
Physical examination
Laboratory tests (blood, urine)
Medical counselling
Cancer Screening Early detection of cervical cancer Cervical smear test Women From 20 years Annually
Early detection of skin cancer Whole-body skin examination Women, men From 35 years Every 2 years