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Table 4 Project SOAR Short-term outcomes (weeks- months)

From: Documenting HIV research-utilization activities, outputs and outcomes: examples and lessons learned from Project SOAR

Name of study Key Finding RU Outcome
Commitments and policy debates
 Kenya and Uganda Pediatric Case Finding [16] Missed opportunities for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Program implementers developed quality improvement plans to address gaps
 Zambia Project YES [17] High levels of stigma for people living with HIV
Transitioning youth on ART to adult care is feasible
Investigators integrated anti-stigma components in the study intervention
A separate non-governmental organization expressed desire to adapt and use the study’s intervention in their program
 Uganda PEPFAR Geographical Pivot [18] Withdrawing PEPFAR support from some health facilities in Uganda was not followed immediately by Uganda government support as expected Policymakers reacted by debating the country’s preparedness for the possible reduction in donor funding for ART
 Tanzania gender-based violence [19] A gender-based violence intervention in study facilities is feasible to implement The Tanzania Ministry of Health expressed interest in integrating the intervention into routine health care
 Namibia TnS [20] While the test and start program was feasible to implement, there was lack of patient understanding of viral loads The Namibia Ministry of Health committed to developing and pilot-testing a viral-load literacy intervention for patients on ART
 Tanzania FSW/FP [21] A proportion of women on ART expressed a desire for safer conception The Tanzania Ministry of Health and implementing partners committed to strengthening the skills of staff in counseling on safer conception
 Uganda DISCO [22] The disclosure intervention tested in the study was highly efficacious among youths Policymakers expressed interest in rolling out the intervention nationally
Policy Influence
 Global Fund TA [23] It is feasible and useful to analyze and deposit HIV prevalence and incidence data for key population in a data repository Global Fund, UNAIDS and CDC retrieved data from the repository for use in policy decision making
 Malawi DREAMS [24] High prevalence of herpes simplex among adolescent girls and young women The Malawi Ministry of Health epidemiologist confirmed that the data were vital for informing the ongoing go/no-go national discussions about the use of PrEP among adolescent girls and young women