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Table 4 Summary of topics discussed by workshop attendees with regards to the novelty of CHHI in Gabon and its appropriate implementation

From: Establishing a controlled hookworm human infection (CHHI) model for Africa: A report from the stakeholders meeting held in Lambaréné, Gabon, November 10–11, 2019

Topics discussed during the workshop Workshop proposals
Protocol development • Regular consultations between researchers and interested regulatory authorities throughout process of protocol development and implementation
• Protocol to be submitted to the Gabonese National Ethics Committee. NEC will then report to the Gabonese Ministry of Health
• Study protocol and product dossier can be submitted as a single protocol document to the NEC
• Develop a protocol that takes into consideration social and cultural peculiarities in Gabon
CHHI in a “vulnerable” population • Develop pioneering national ethical guidelines for CHIM’s, in consultation with WHO recommendations, that will be strictly followed
• Ensure full understanding of concept of CHI in communities where education level can be low
Appropriateness of current Gabonese legislation for the regulation of CHHI • Existing legislation able to cover all aspects of CHHI
• New legislation unnecessary
Media engagement • Plan public engagement efforts that ensure the public can independently decide to or not to participate in CHHI in Gabon
• Information management to be planned so the public is well informed and involved parties are prepared to alleviate undesired publicity