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Table 3 Example of the abstraction process for the study on repeat adolescent birth in Eastern Uganda

From: “… I would have left that man long time ago but, …” exploring circumstances of and motivators for repeat adolescent birth in Eastern Uganda

Themes Sub-theme Sub-sub-theme Exemplar quotes
Poverty Limited provisions   “… my parents cannot pay school fees for all the 7 children so it is only one boy who is in school now …”
“I had no knickers and when I could go into periods, I would have nothing to use and that could trouble me a lot …”
Large families   “… we are 8 children, that number was big...So it was too much and yet there was no money …”
Dropping out of school   “I stopped going to school when the pregnancy was 2 months; I could no longer concentrate in class because I was only thinking of the pregnancy …”
Alcohol abuse   “… whenever he [father] would get money, he would go drinking and leave us … he was not bothered …”
Broken family structure   “When my mother left, there was no one to pay my school fees …”
“When my father died, my mother could not raise my school fees …”
Vulnerability Marital entrapment   “… others are just forced to get married …”
“… I cannot go back and burden my family.”
“I decided to get married to a person who could provide them [family] with food and he is paying school fees for my sisters up to now …”
Partner coercion   “… he [partner] could not allow me use any family planning method even up to now, he does not want me to use it; he is very against it and very tough when it comes to using family planning …”
“… he [partner] touched my arm and felt it and he ordered me to remove it immediately; he was very bitter.”
Domestic violence Abuse   “… he [the father] would come back at night and start abusing us, chasing us out of home …”
“The condition at home was also hard; the kind of life we were living in was not good …”
Demotivators for repeat adolescent birth Partner abandonment   “Unfortunately, he [partner] no longer is helping me … I am struggling on my own …”
“… he refused me completely … actually I have gone through a lot and it has made me stay without getting another child.”
Stern warning   “I shouted at them to leave issues of my child alone so I became tough on her …”
Objection to marriage   “No, no, we have never wished any of them to get married, we instead encouraged them to study …”
“I did not marry; I stayed home with my parents.”
Empowerment Economic activity “My mother gave me capital to start business …”
Contraception use “Am now using injectaplan for 3 months …”
Resumption of schooling “I had to suggest to her to do this course she was positive so I took her.”