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Table 2 risk factors most frequently selected in phase 1 and taken forward to ranking in phase 2

From: Citizens, doctors, politicians - who´s an expert in times of COVID-19? A survey in Austria and Germany

risk factor frequency of selection, n agreement
  population with healthcare background (n = 10) general population (n = 7) politically active population (n = 8)  
chronic lung disease x x x 1.00
chronic heart disease x x   0.67
immunosuppression/immunodeficiency x x x 1.00
cancer x x x 1.00
diabetes x    0.33
smoking x x x 1.00
use of hypertension medication    x 0.33
biological components
age > 65 years x x x 1.00
male gender   x   0.33
obesity x    0.33
living/working conditions
working as health care professional x x x 1.00
number of persons per household    x 0.33
living in a retirement home   x x 0.67
socioeconomic status x    0.33
living in an urban area   x x 0.67