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Table 2 An overview of the main themes

From: Experiences from cross-cultural collaboration in health campaigns in Tanzania: a qualitative study

Norwegian nursing students Participants in the TICC Youth Program Employees of TICC Local schoolteacher and village leader
1. There is a need for cultural guidance and collaboration. 1. The collaboration with Norwegian nursing students is valued. 1. Cross-cultural collaboration ensures the quality of the campaigns. 1. The cross-cultural campaigns are valued.
2. Thinking alternatively and creatively helps to reach the audience. 2. Local adaptation is crucial to reaching a selected target group. 2. Adaptation to local conditions is crucial to reaching and benefiting the audience. 2. The campaign presentations are engaging.
3. Participating in campaigns promotes achieving the learning outcomes. 3. Joining cross-cultural campaigns is empowering. 3. Cross-cultural campaigns motivate people’s interest in health information. 3. Acquiring health information changes people’s everyday lives.