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Table 2 The type and number of each source used in this study regarding the history of formation of district health network in Iran

From: District health network policy in Iran: the role of ideas, interests, and institutions (3i framework) in a nutshell

References Descriptions Number of included records
Documents (Doc) Books (Doc1) • Books on the establishment of DHN in Iran
• Books on the memories of the main actors about establishment of DHN
Published Articles (Doc2) • Articles on the establishment of District Health Network in Iran
• Articles on the international conditions and PHC policy
• Social and political context of Iran at the time of DHN formation
Presentations and Reports (Doc3) • Documents and reports containing published interviews with the main actors
• International reports on the PHC strategy
• National reports and presentations on the DHN formation
Dissertation • A Ph.D thesis about the challenges ahead of development of PHC network in Iran health system 1
Online News Media (N) The Official News Agency of the Ministry of Health (Vebda) Vebda news agency is affiliated with the Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education and publishes only health news. 25
News Agencies Affiliated to the Medical Universities in Iran   20
Mehr News Agency These news agencies report all daily news, which only health-related news sites were searched in this study. 60
Fars News Agency
Isna News Agency
Interviews (I) Former Health Minister Dr Marandi who was the  health minister at the time of launching the Health Network in Iran 1
Official Authorities Official Authorities who have relatively rich experience in the public health field 2
Academicians  Academicians who had rich information about formation of DHN 3