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Table 1 Factors, loadings, the Cronbach’s Alpha if item deleted, and Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of the extracted sexual harassment perceptions questionnaire among women working in Bahir Dar city hospitality workplaces between July 1 and August 30, 2021

From: Development and validation of contextual measures of sexual harassment perceptions, experiences, and coping for women employees in Ethiopian hospitality workplaces

Items Factors Cronbach’s Alpha if item deleted
Code Name Pressuring Abducting Touching
PSHQ_HW3 Sexual harassment is an offer of a new job in exchange for sexual advances .984    .901
PSHQ_HW2 Sexual harassment is preparing women for sexual harassment by providing better career advancement .897    .900
PSHQ_HW1 Sexual harassment is preparing for sexual harassment by making inappropriate promises .724    .905
PSHQ_HW4 Sexual harassment is an act of threatening to hurt relatives in exchange for sexual advances .722    .905
PSHQ_HW5 Sexual harassment is threatening to complain or falsely accuse about the service being provided to the immediate supervisor unless women agree to sexual favours .534    .904
PSHQ_HW16 Sexual harassment is conducting sexual intercourse through force or under threat of injury against the women will   .956   .907
PSHQ_HW17 Sexual harassment is slapping, kicking, pinching, or insulting women while they refuse to agree to a sexual favour   .835   .906
PSHQ_HW15 Sexual harassment is a forcible take of women for sexual intercourse after they leave their job   .757   .910
PSHQ_HW7 Sexual harassment is an act of speaking random sexual jokes to women while she is at work    .952 .907
PSHQ_HW8 Sexual harassment is a repeated request of women to engage in sexual activities    .735 .908
PSHQ_HW6 Sexual harassment is an act of touching sexual sensitive parts while the women are at work    .543 .902
Cronbach’s alpha coefficient .898 .880 .834 .913