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Table 3 Multivariable analysis

From: Factors related to pregnancy status and unwanted pregnancy among lebanese women during the COVID-19 lockdown: a cross-sectional study

Model 1: Logistic regression taking the pregnancy status during quarantine as dependent variable
Factor ORa 95% CI p-value
 Having children 0.183 0.074; 0.452  < 0.001
 Contraception use before getting pregnant vs. no usea 0.231 0.063; 0.853 0.028
 Psychological violence 0.738 0.534; 1.020 0.065
Variables entered: having children, fertility preferences, partner’s age, partner’s income, woman’s age, woman’s work status during quarantine, woman’s smoking status and contraception use, psychological, physical and sexual violence
Model 2: Logistic regression taking the wanted/unwanted pregnancy as the dependent variable
Factor ORa 95% CI p-value
 Regularly visiting physician for routine checkup 0.053 0.005; 0.515 0.011
 Psychological violence 4.482 0.963; 20.861 0.056
  1. Variables entered: past unintended pregnancy, family plan, fertility preferences, visiting regularly the physician, psychological, physical and sexual violence
  2. aReference group; CI, confidence interval, ORa adjusted odds ratio