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  1. Regularly updated epidemiological data on the burden of brain and central nervous system (CNS) cancers are important in the prioritization of research and the allocation of resources. This study aimed to inves...

    Authors: Yang Fan, Xian Zhang, Chao Gao, Shuai Jiang, Haoze Wu, Zhanhui Liu and Taotao Dou
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:209
  2. Although quality postnatal care (PNC) is a known significant intervention for curbing maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality, it is underutilized in most developing countries including Rwanda. Thus, it i...

    Authors: Joseph Kawuki, Ghislaine Gatasi and Quraish Sserwanja
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:208
  3. China’s imbalanced allocation of healthcare resources mainly arises from urban–rural and intercity differences, the solution of which has been the goal of reforms during the past decades. Estimating the spatia...

    Authors: Yuqing Shen and Zesheng Sun
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:207
  4. Despite the progress in reducing under-five mortality (U-5 M) in recent years, these deaths remain considerably high in Nigeria. This could be attributed to poor health policies including inequality of health ...

    Authors: Chukwuechefulam Kingsley Imo, Nicole De Wet-Billings and Uche Charlie Isiugo-Abanihe
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:206
  5. Abdominal obesity has been linked to risk of mortality, but whether and how trajectory of waist circumstance (WC) underpins this association remains unclear. The study aimed to identify long-term WC change tra...

    Authors: Ruru Liu, Shaonong Dang, Yaling Zhao, Hong Yan, Yuewen Han and Baibing Mi
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:94
  6. India is one of the fastest-growing developing economies associated with many socio-demographic challenges that include a high density of population, growing urbanization, and poor road infrastructure. These c...

    Authors: Deepak Kumar Behera, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Dinesh Kumar Choudhury
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:204
  7. Funds for community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) programs are short-term in nature. CMAM programs are implemented in countries with weak policies and health systems and are primarily funded by...

    Authors: Andre M. N. Renzaho, Gilbert Dachi, Eric Ategbo, Stanley Chitekwe and Daniel Doh
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:203
  8. Little research has explored the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) experience of female sex workers (FSW), including girls aged < 18 years who are commercially sexually exploited (CSE), in Papua New Guinea ...

    Authors: Damian Weikum, Angela Kelly-Hanku, Ruthy Neo-Boli, Herick Aeno, Steven G. Badman, Lisa M. Vallely, Barne Willie, Martha Kupul, Parker Hou, Angelyn Amos, Rebecca Narokobi, Simon Pekon, Kelsey Coy, Johanna Wapling, Janet Gare, John M. Kaldor…
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:202
  9. The elderly constitute a large fraction of patients with type 2 diabetes worldwide. It has been well documented that the elderly’s adherence to disease control is not adequate. The present study aimed to evalu...

    Authors: Shahla Vaziri Esferjani, Effat Naghizadeh, Mostafa Albokordi, Mehrnoosh Zakerkish and Marzieh Araban
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:201
  10. As vaccine roll-out continues across the globe as part of the efforts to protect humanity against SARS-CoV-2, concerns are increasingly shifting to the duration of vaccine-induced immunity. Responses to these ...

    Authors: Isaac Yeboah Addo, Frederick Asankom Dadzie, Sylvester Reuben Okeke, Caleb Boadi and Elijah Frimpong Boadu
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:200
  11. Medication adherence among older adults (aged 60 and above), particularly those with chronic conditions who take several medications, is critical, and tele-pharmacy services are a way to improve medication adh...

    Authors: Fatemeh Emadi, Arash Ghanbarzadegan, Sulmaz Ghahramani, Peivand Bastani and Melissa T Baysari
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:199
  12. Participation rates in health surveys, recognized as an important quality dimension, have been declining over the years, which may affect representativeness and confidence in results. The Portuguese national h...

    Authors: Heidi Lyshol, Ana Paula Gil, Hanna Tolonen, Sónia Namorado, Irina Kislaya, Marta Barreto, Liliana Antunes, Vânia Gaio, Ana João Santos, Ana Paula Rodrigues and Carlos Matias Dias
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:198
  13. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has transitioned to a third phase and many variants have been originated. There has been millions of lives loss as well as billions in economic loss. The morbid...

    Authors: Myung-Bae Park and Chhabi Lal Ranabhat
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:197
  14. Upper limb (UL) disabilities have attracted worldwide attention due to the high economic costs of health care and the negative effects on the quality of life of patients with these disabilities. Telerehabilita...

    Authors: Khadijeh Moulaei, Abbas Sheikhtaheri, Mansour Shahabi Nezhad, AliAkbar Haghdoost, Mohammad Gheysari and Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:196
  15. Globally, infant mortality is a major public health concern and a sensitive indicator of countries' socio-economic and health status. Despite the substantial reduction of under-five mortality in sub-Saharan Af...

    Authors: Getayeneh Antehunegn Tesema, Beminate Lemma Seifu, Zemenu Tadesse Tessema, Misganaw Gebrie Worku and Achamyeleh Birhanu Teshale
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:195
  16. The aim of the study was to use a moderated mediation model to understand and examine the relationship between negative emotions and creativity among college students during the COVID-19 pandemic, using psycho...

    Authors: Wei Zeng, Dongtao Huang, Qian Li, Yanhua Xu, Ziying Xu, Chujin Wu, Zhihao Chen, Yuhao Yang, Jinlian Shao, Xingrou Wu, Ziqi Zhu, Jiamin Wu and Yuqing Zeng
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:194
  17. In order to understand the pandemic COVID-19 crisis in a forward-looking way, the French High Council for public health (HCSP) has designed a conceptual scheme for public health planning based on L. Green's mo...

    Authors: Didier Lepelletier, Camille Souhard, Christian Chidiac, Franck Chauvin and Zeina Mansour
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:193
  18. A growing literature highlights the increased risk of stunting among children growing up in informal or slum settlements. Despite relatively high rates of female labor force participation in slums, there is li...

    Authors: Hayman Win, Sohana Shafique, Sharmin Mizan, Jordyn Wallenborn, Nicole Probst-Hensch and Günther Fink
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:192
  19. While medicalization and pharmaceuticalization trends of feelings of anxiety and depression have been described in great detail, an empirical examination of these trends is to date lacking. The current study f...

    Authors: Van Looy Kilian and Van de Velde Sarah
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:191
  20. Social integration and perceived neighborhood environment are recognized as important social determinants of health. However, little is known about the association between social integration and perceived neig...

    Authors: Abirami Srivarathan, Maria Kristiansen, Terese Sara Høj Jørgensen and Rikke Lund
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:190
  21. In Ethiopia, there are primary studies on adolescent anemia with imprecise and inconclusive findings. Besides, there was no meta-analysis pooled the magnitude and associated factors of anemia among adolescent ...

    Authors: Kidanemaryam Berhe, Freweini Gebrearegay, Hadush Gebreegziabher, Lemlem Weldegerima, Amaha Kahsay, Haven Hadush, Brhane Gebremariam, Berhane Fseha, Gebrehiwot Gebremariam, Natnael Etsay and Micheale Hailu
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:189
  22. Population-based cohorts allow providing answers to a wide range of policy-relevant research questions. In Belgium, existing cohort-like initiatives are limited by their focus on specific population groups or ...

    Authors: Nienke Schutte, Marlies Saelaert, Petronille Bogaert, Karin De Ridder, Herman Van Oyen, Johan Van der Heyden and Brecht Devleesschauwer
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:188
  23. Since 1990, Albania has embraced the market economy and globalization. Prosperity and modernization have also brought significant lifestyle changes toward unhealthy behaviours, doubling the mortality from non-...

    Authors: Monika Çule and Harminder Guliani
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:187
  24. Globally, Sierra Leone has some of the worst maternal and child health indicators. The situation is worsened by a dearth of evidence about the level of continuum of care, an evidence-based intervention aimed a...

    Authors: Quraish Sserwanja, Linet M. Mutisya, Lilian Nuwabaine, Kassim Kamara, Ronald K. Mutebi and Milton W. Musaba
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:186
  25. This study was evaluated the association between obesity phenotypes and risk of lower torso musculoskeletal disorders including low back pain (LBP), low back stiffness (LBS), arthralgia, and joint stiffness in...

    Authors: Sheno Karimi, Yahya Pasdar, Behrooz Hamzeh, Azad Ayenehpour, Fatemeh Heydarpour and Farjam Goudarzi
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:185
  26. Abortion is one of the top five causes of maternal mortality in low and middle-income countries. It is associated with a complication related to pregnancy and childbirth. Despite this, there was limited eviden...

    Authors: Tesfa Sewunet Aalmneh, Adugnaw Zeleke Alem, Gebrekidan Ewnetu Tarekegn, Tilahun Kassew, Bikis Liyew and Bewuketu Terefe
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:184
  27. Anemia among children aged 6–23 months is a major public health problem worldwide specifically in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Anemia during the childhood period causes significant short-and long-term health cons...

    Authors: Beminate Lemma Seifu and Getayeneh Antehunegn Tesema
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:183
  28. Health literacy enables people to cope efficiently with health threats, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. However, little is known about health literacy among adolescents in general and especially in the context ...

    Authors: Anne-Kathrin Mareike Loer, Olga Maria Domanska, Christiane Stock and Susanne Jordan
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:182
  29. The risk of Cardiovascular disease (CVDs) among adult populations is influenced by environmental factors, and immigrant populations tend to be more vulnerable. This study examined the effectiveness of a 24-wee...

    Authors: Youlim Kim, Hyeonkyeong Lee and Misook Lee Chung
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:181
  30. During the fourth COVID-19 wave in Japan, marked differences became apparent in the scale of the epidemic between metropolitan Tokyo in eastern Japan and Osaka prefecture in western Japan.

    Authors: Hidenori Yasuda, Fuyu Ito, Ken-ichi Hanaki and Kazuo Suzuki
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:180

    The Correction to this article has been published in Archives of Public Health 2022 80:205

  31. Patients with substance use disorder (SUD) usually report lower quality of life (QoL) than other patients and as much as patients with other mental disorders. The present study investigated variables associate...

    Authors: Bahram Armoon, Marie-Josée Fleury, Amir-Hossien Bayat, Azadeh Bayani, Rasool Mohammadi and Mark D. Griffiths
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:179
  32. There have been longstanding calls for public health systems transformations in many countries, including Canada. Core to these calls has been strengthening performance measurement. While advancements have bee...

    Authors: Meghan O’Neill, Eric De Prophetis, Sara Allin, Andrew D. Pinto, Robert W. Smith, Erica Di Ruggiero, Robert Schwartz, Jasmine Pawa, Mehdi Ammi and Laura C. Rosella
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:177
  33. Up to April 2022, there were six waves of infection of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Japan. As the outbreaks continue to grow, it is critical to detect COVID-19’s clusters to allocate health resources...

    Authors: Yixiao Lu, Guoxi Cai, Zhijian Hu, Fei He, Yixian Jiang and Kiyoshi Aoyagi
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:176
  34. Benchmarking the implementation of healthy food environment public policies against international best practices may accelerate the government response to prevent obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) i...

    Authors: Carmen María Sánchez-Nóchez, Manuel Ramirez-Zea, Stefanie Vandevijvere and María Fernanda Kroker-Lobos
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:174
  35. This study is to investigate the interaction of family support, transport cost (ex-post), and disabilities on health service seeking behavior among older people from the perspective of social ecological model.

    Authors: Bocong Yuan, Tong Zhang and Jiannan Li
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:173
  36. We would like to thank authors Reece and Hulse (2022) for their three-part article titled “Geotemporospatial and causal inferential epidemiological overview and survey of USA cannabis, cannabidiol and cannabin...

    Authors: Frank Yizhao Chen, Michael Barnes and Evan Cole Lewis
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:172
  37. Since vaccination is the decisive factor for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to understand the process of vaccination success which is not well understood on a global level. The study is the...

    Authors: Vu M. Ngo, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Phuc V. Nguyen, Toan L. D. Huynh and Huan H. Nguyen
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:171
  38. Underage smoking and drinking are public health issues in Vanuatu. This study aims to describe the behavior, knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of parents, siblings, and peers regarding smoking and drinking...

    Authors: Emi Nakaseko, Sayaka Kotera and Minato Nakazawa
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:170
  39. Research into the effectiveness of antenatal education classes is crucial for Indigenous Peoples from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States who experience poorer maternal and infant hea...

    Authors: Nikki M. Barrett, Lisette Burrows, Polly Atatoa-Carr, Linda T. Smith and Bridgette Masters-Awatere
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:169
  40. There is no region-specific publication investigating the attributable burden of breast cancer, particularly among females. This article reported the burden of female breast cancer in the Middle East and North...

    Authors: Saeid Safiri, Maryam Noori, Seyed Aria Nejadghaderi, Mark J. M. Sullman, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Amir Almasi-Hashiani, Mohammad Ali Mansournia and Ali-Asghar Kolahi
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:168
  41. This study examines the relationship between birth order and length of hospitalization due to pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI).

    Authors: Mazin Omer, Jussi P. Posti, Mika Gissler, Marko Merikukka, Ildiko Hoffmann, Till Bärnighausen and Michael Lowery Wilson
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:167
  42. The world Health Organization recommended that all mothers be supported to initiate breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth, within the first hour. This study examined the determinants of early initiatio...

    Authors: Tadele Abate Lucha and Admassu Ketsela Mengistu
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:164
  43. Appropriate contraceptive use prevents unintended pregnancy, protects the health of mother and child, and promotes women’s well-being. Use of modern Family planning in Ethiopia was still very low. The purpose ...

    Authors: Solomon Sisay Mulugeta, Setegn Muche Fenta, Kenaw Derebe Fentaw and Hailegebrael Birhan Biresaw
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:163
  44. Access to routine antenatal and perinatal services is improved in the last two decades in Nepal. However, gaps remain in coverage and quality of care delivered from the health facilities. This study investigat...

    Authors: Resham B. Khatri, Jo Durham and Yibeltal Assefa
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:162
  45. Centenarians are used as a model of healthy ageing and longevity. Diet is a factor known to affect mortality in middle aged adults and elderly. However, it is unknown whether diet has an impact on survival to ...

    Authors: Winnie Poulsen, Kaare Christensen and Christine Dalgård
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:161

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