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Table 1 Expected electronic health record tasks

From: Processing medical data: a systematic review

Key tasks Electronic health record role
  Memory Computation Decision support Collaboration
Review Patient History Display available Patient History & demographics Provide contextual view of overall patient health Recommend care based on patient characteristics Incorporate information from outside sources
Conduct pt Assessment Prompt for required information Compute statistics Action oriented clinical remainders Coordinate across multiple providers
Determine clinical decision Relate assessment to patient history Display trends, reference ranges Support based on research & recommendations Staff views or instructions
Develop Treatment Plan Standard of care, care plans, evidence based guidelines Apply standards of care based on patient characteristics Evidence based care adjusted by patent characteristics. Patient Summary educational tools
Order additional service Review previous services Determine appropriate provider Alignment with insurance requirements Create referral facility provider communication
Prescribe medications Medication history allergies, formulary Dose calculation Instructions, contraindication, effectiveness Patient instructions side effects and warnings
Document Visit Diagnosis and treatment codes Prompts/automatic population Insurance guidelines Patient education, coordination with multiple providers
  1. Source: Armijo et al., [22].