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Table 1 Results from the case-control study, Limburg, Belgium, 2012

From: Lessons learned from a textbook outbreak: EHEC-O157:H7 infections associated with the consumption of raw meat products, June 2012, Limburg, Belgium

Factor Odds ratio Lower 95% CI Upper 95% CI
Univariate analysis
Suspected supermarkets 11.67 1.41 96.49
Ice Cream 8.57 1.03 70.89
Steak Tartare 48.12 5.62 416.01
Multivariate analysis
Suspected Supermarkets 9.09 0.91 90.65
Steak Tartare 41.02 4.51 372.78
  1. The following food items were included in the case-control study, but no significant association with cases or controls were found.
  2. Beef: steak, tartare, minced beef, hamburger, tenderloin, roast beef, sausage.
  3. Pork: Salami, sausage, minced pork.
  4. Pork & Beef: sausage, half beef – half pork minced.
  5. Vegetables: sprouts, salad, ready-made salad, crudités, ready-made fruit salad, homegrown vegetables.
  6. Diary: raw milk, soft cheese.