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Table 1 Messages received by each group

From: Effect of providing risk information on undergoing cervical cancer screening: a randomized controlled trial

Group Type of message sent
Group A Intervention group (benefit) Susceptibility to cervical cancer.
“The incidence rate of cervical cancer dramatically rises among individuals in their 20s and 30s”.
The respective 5-year survival rate of cervical cancer in each clinical stage.
“The 5-year survival rate of cervical cancer is over 90% when the disease is localized”.
Group B Intervention group (benefit + risk) Group B received the message including the above information, as well as information below.
Possibility of false negatives and interval cancer.
“Accuracy of screening is not 100%. There is risk of interval cancer”.
Possibility of false positives and unnecessary treatment.
“More than 90% of positive or suspicious patients will not be diagnosed as cervical cancer”.
“You have risk for receiving unnecessary treatment”.
Possibility of overdiagosis.
“It’s not sure whether detected cancer should be treated or not. You should talk with your doctor how to care the disease”.
Group C Control group (simple) Usual reminder.
“You are due for your cervical cancer screening”.