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Table 2 The distribution of health professionals by their tuberculosis infection control knowledge in public health facilities, Addis Ababa, 2014 (n = 582)

From: Assessment of knowledge and practice of health workers towards tuberculosis infection control and associated factors in public health facilities of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study

Knowledge items Frequency %
The door and windows of a room should be left open 561 96.4
TB suspected should be separated from the rest of the patient 532 91.4
Health worker should minimize the time a TB patient spend in HF. 460 79
Surgical mask cannot protect the health worker from TB 226 38.8
Respirator can protect the HW from TB 315 54.1
TB pts have to be educated to cover their mouse with a handkerchief. 522 89.7
Every facility should establish an IP committee. 581 99.8
TB suspected patients should get priority. 514 88.3
Regular screening of health worker for TB is one of TBIC measures 500 85.9
Fans can be used to reduced TB transmission in TB ward 411 70.6
TB cannot transmitted from person to person by blood contact 502 86.2
Sputum microscopy is the most effective tools for the diagnosis of TB 444 76.7
Health workers identify different masks 188 32.3
Overall knowledge level   
  Poor knowledge 221 36.1
  Good knowledge 361 63.9