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Table 2 Pearson’s correlation coefficients between county-level Healthy Outlet Zoning Score* and county-level characteristics (N = 33 counties)

From: Disparities in healthy food zoning, farmers’ market availability, and fruit and vegetable consumption among North Carolina residents

Characteristics Correlation between each characteristic and county-level zoning to support farmers’ markets (Healthy Outlet Zoning Score) p-value
Farmers’ markets per 10,000 capita, 2013 0.19 0.30
Farmers’ markets with SNAP/EBT per 10,000 capita, 2013 0.09 0.64
Urban influence codes, 2013 −0.33 0.06
Percent rural population 0.04 0.83
Percent of residents living under the federal poverty level −0.38 0.03
Percent of African American residents −0.02 0.90
  1. *Healthy Outlet Zoning Scores ranged from 0-1, with a higher score representing healthier food zoning