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Table 3 LN hole size index

From: Phase III evaluation of the insecticidal efficacy and durability of a deltamethrin-treated polypropylene long-lasting net LifeNet®, in comparison with long-lasting nets made from polyester and polyethylene: study protocol

Hole Size Categories (cm) Hole Diametera (d; cm) Hole radius (r = d/2) Hole Areab (π*r 2) Hole Indexc
0.5–2.0 1.25 0.625 1.23 1
2–10 6 3 28.28 23
10–25 17.5 8.75 240.56 196
>25 30 15 706.95 576
  1. aWeights for each size category were estimated assuming that the average hole diameter was the midpoint in each category, except for the largest hole where the average diameter was assumed to be 30 cm
  2. bThe approximate area of an average sized hole from each category was estimated by assuming each hole was approximately circular
  3. cFinal weights for each size category were then estimated by dividing the area encompassed by a hole in the smallest size category (i.e. 1.23)