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Table 1 Overview of the steps in the analyzing process

From: The experience of motivation and adherence to group-based exercise of Norwegians aged 80 and more: a qualitative study

Meaning unit Condensed unit Code/theme Subcategory Category/heading in result chapter
.. and so the fact that I had my legs. I was scared to death that I should end up in a wheelchair, really. Yes, that was very close to happening because they were almost ruined by arthrosis, so I went to the gym with these terrible legs, I had to stop the long walks, I couldn’t do that anymore. I exercise in the group instead of walking long distances, to prevent my legs from getting worse Bad knees the motivation to exercise Disease is the reason for starting the exercise-group Experience of health challenges: a meaningful starting point
So, doing the dishes...When I have to stand for a while when I’m doing the dishes after dinner for example, with pots and stuff, I had to rest…and that went away. Suddenly I realised that… good heavens! Now I’m done and I didn’t need a break! I no longer need to take a break when I’m doing the dishes! Satisfaction through better coping Feeling of control/coping Adherence motivated by increased life-manageability
Well, I believe it is mostly because of the instructors. They know all about this and they can guide each one of us. Me, I have things I do wrong, so the instructor helps me do it right. But it’s also having someone who can start the exercises and can give advice. It is important to be supervised by persons with knowledge The instructor is important for the participants’ motivation The instructor plays an important role Comprehensibility through skilled instruction
(…) And I have a son who is a doctor and a daughter-in- law who is a specialist in geriatrics, in fact, so they give me advice. Especially my daughter-in-law tells me to exercise and that it is not dangerous even if it hurts Competent people in my family encourage me to exercise Support from family is important   Social and professional support enhances motivation