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Table 3 Significant clusters of early age sexual initiation among reproductive age women, EDHS 2016

From: Geographical variations of early age sexual initiation among reproductive-age women in Ethiopia: evidence from EDHS 2016

Type of clusterTotal # of populationTotal # of casesRRCases (%)LLRCoordinates/Radius
Most likely clustera286623051.380.4175.06(11.699828 N, 37.313043E)/256.31 km
Secondary clusterb6205161.2783.245.75(8.888553 N, 40.744565E)/63.62 km
Secondary clusterb82311.4395.120.27(5.203234 N, 40.019732 E)/116 km
Secondary clusterb33331.510013.46(7.146476 N, 37.651926 E)/ 0 km
Secondary clusterb37361.4697.311.18(7.747932 N, 36.027719 E)/ 0 km
  1. aPrimary cluster at p < 0.0001; bSecondary cluster at p < 0.05; LLR log likelihood ratio; RR relative risks