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Table 4 Solutions of prevention of the RTIs and reduction of their consequences according to the qualitative studies

From: Meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence in road traffic injury prevention: a scoping review of qualitative studies (2000 to 2019)

Dimensions Solutions
Increasing safety 1. Increasing the safety of the roads and vehicles
2. Promotion of the use of safety equipment (seat belt, helmet, …)
3. Making specific ways for bike riders and motorcyclists
Rules and regulations 1. Preventing drunk driving
2. More rigidity in driving licensing
3. Appropriate penalties for violation of the regulations
4. Making a leader and steward organization with sufficient facilities and authorities
Education 1. Public education by mass media such as TV
2. Specific education at schools
Increasing equipment 1. Increasing public transportation
2. Increasing the human resources for prevention of the RTIs
3. Providing sufficient support and finance
4. Use of new safety tools (intelligent road cameras, driver control cameras, …)
5. Strengthening pre-hospital EMS
Scientific solutions 1. Effective long-term planning
2. Implementing effective and in-time registration, reporting system, and applicable researches