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Table 4 Summary of Risk of bias assessment

From: The use of non-prescribed antibiotics; prevalence estimates in low-and-middle-income countries. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Author/Date Risk of study participation bias Risk of Outcome of Measurement bias
Abdulraheem, I. et al., 2016 [32, 48] Low Low
Aditya, S. et al. 2013 [34] High High
Albawani, al., 2016 [41] Low Low
Bilal, M. et al.,2016 [30] Low Low
Ramay, B. et al., 2015 [48] Low Low
Ramay, B. et al., 2016 [31] Low Low
Israel, E. et al., 2015 [42, 49] Low Low
Senadheera, G. et al., 2017 High Moderate
Sah, A. et al. 2016 [50] High High
Shah, S. et al., 2014 [46] Moderate Moderate
Shiavong, A. et al., 2017 [51] Low Low