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Table 2 Details of assumptions for each salt substitute strategy to calculate impact on average dietary salt intake, Vietnam

From: The cost-effectiveness of government actions to reduce sodium intake through salt substitutes in Vietnam

Parameter Voluntary Subsidised Regulatory Source
Average daily salt intake (A) 9.4 g/day 9.4 g/day 9.4 g/day [23]
Proportion of salt from target products (B) 70% 70% 70% [24]
Sodium reduction in target products due to reformulation 60% 60% 60% [30]
Proportion of target products reformulated with potassium chloride (C) 30% 50% 100% Assumptions
Proportion of people choosing reformulated target products (D) 5% 44% 100% [31]
Dietary salt reduction due to reformulation (E) 0.058 g/day 0.865 g/day 3.95 g/day A x B X C X D Gillespie 2015 [29]
Full effect of strategy on average daily salt intake 9.34 g/day 8.53 g/day 5.45 g/day A - E
  1. An additional 5% reduction from baseline was added to the subsidised intervention to reflect the additional benefit of a communications intervention to reduce salt intake in Vietnam; target products include salt, fish sauce, bot canh