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Table 2 Project SOAR activities to facilitate research utilization

From: Documenting HIV research-utilization activities, outputs and outcomes: examples and lessons learned from Project SOAR

Activity Type Achieved by end of Yr-5 Details
Research utilization capacity-strengthening workshops for in-country researchers and stakeholders 2 four-day regional workshops in Johannesburg, South Africa Feb 2017: 28 participants, from 12 countries
May 2018: 20 participants from 8 countries.
Funding of small grant proposal submitted by in-country researchers 16 applications received, 9 selected and funded About $10,000 per grant
Technical support visits by the Research-Utilization Advisor 45 visits to 9 countries  
Formation of Research Advisory Committees 54 (Out of 58 studies initiated) A few nested studies shared the Research Advisory Committee of the parent study