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Table 3 Outputs: Project SOAR research utilization outputs

From: Documenting HIV research-utilization activities, outputs and outcomes: examples and lessons learned from Project SOAR

Activity Type Achieved by end of the fifth project year Remarks
Study-specific data-use plans to guide dissemination of results locally 46 (Out of 58 studies) Global studies did not submit in-country data-use plans
Activity Briefs 58 One for each study
Results Briefs 74 Some studies produced more than one results brief
Joint national research-advisory group meetings in countries with multiple SOAR studies 11 One-day in-country meetings of about 40 participants each • Three in Malawi: July 2017, September 2018, November 2019
• Three in South Africa: May 2017, September 2018, November 2019
• Two in Tanzania: March 2017, November 2019
• One in Uganda: February 2019
• One in Kenya: February 2019
• One in Zambia: February 2019
Briefings of national directors of AIDS programs and AIDS commissions 6 boardroom meetings at national AIDS program/council offices lasting about 2 h each. • Uganda: Aug 2018
• South Africa: Nov 2019
• Malawi: Oct 2018
• Kenya: Feb 2019
• Tanzania: May 2018
• Zambia: Feb 2017
Meetings (including webinars and informal briefings) convened with USAID and/or other stakeholders to share interim results from SOAR studies 116  
Oral/poster presentations by SOAR principal investigators at international, regional, and national conferences 111  
Manuscripts submitted to peer reviewed journals 59  
Presentations sharing Best Practices from SOAR’s research utilization approach Four Technical Expert meetings • Makerere University Medical School, Uganda: August 2018, 60 faculty members and researchers
• Washington, DC Technical Advisory Network: May 2019, 50 research utilization experts
• Mexico City, International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference: July 2019, Satellite meeting on research utilization
• Kigali, Rwanda, International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA): December 2019 Satellite meeting on research utilization
Publications sharing best practices from Project SOAR research-utilization approach Four • Blog on Capacity Strengthening on USAID website
• Q&A on Project SOAR website
• Two Journal articles in AIDS and Behavior