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Table 5 Project SOAR Short-term outcomes (weeks- months

From: Documenting HIV research-utilization activities, outputs and outcomes: examples and lessons learned from Project SOAR

Name of study Key Finding Research utilization outcome
Tanzania FSW-ART [25] Community-based ART distribution can lead to higher ART initiation rates with continued ART use and better adherence after six months The Tanzania Ministry of Health changed the national policy and issued a circular authorizing community-based ART initiation to key and vulnerable Populations
Senegal TnS [26] HIV self-testing (Senegal TnS) is feasible National AIDS program included HIV self-testing in the national HIV test and start strategy
Eswatini FAMCARE [27] 43.1% of children on ART were receiving a suboptimal Nevirapine-based regimen The Eswatini Ministry of Health changed the policy and issued a facility memo to transition children and adolescents on Nevirapine-based regimens to better regimens (either Lopinavir/ritonavir-based or Efavirenz-based)
Eswatini PrEP modelling [28]
Uganda PrEP modelling [29]
Modeling projected cost-effectiveness and impact of PrEP in various target populations The Eswatini and Uganda Ministries of Health modified their choice of national priority target populations for PrEP in line with recommendations from the modelling