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Table 1 Discrete choice experiment attributes and levels

From: Community residents’ preferences for chronic disease management in Primary Care Facilities in China: a stated preference survey

Scenario Level Explanation
Hypothetical perceived disease severity Minor The perceived minor chronic diseases cause occasional discomfort and does not seriously affect daily life.
Attributes Explanation Levels
Service mode Different modes of services chosen by residents when they are registered. Specialized service
General service
Medical treatment type Different forms of medical treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Modern medicine
Integrated medicine
Out-of-pocket expenditure (OOP)
(CNY, Chinese Yuan)*
Individuals actually pay the average expense of each visit for primary care services. 100
Traveling time to the healthcare facility The time taken to go to the facility from home (one-way travel). ≤30mins
Type of the physician The seniority of the individual in the facility. Junior healthcare practitioner
Senior healthcare practitioner
  1. *OOP was set according to the data of China Health Statistical Yearbook 2018 [8]