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Table 2 Types of activities considered in the process mining analysis

From: Coping with interoperability in the development of a federated research infrastructure: achievements, challenges and recommendations from the JA-InfAct

Activity Name Activity Description
ER Admission Administrative admission to Emergency Room Department
ER First Attention First contact with an MD in the ER Department
ER CT Computed Tomography Scan imaging at ER Department
ER Fibrinolysis Fibrinolysis infusion at ER Department
ER Thrombectomy Thrombectomy surgical procedure at ER Department
ER Observation Room Observation room stay at ER Department
ER Discharge ER Department administrative discharge
ER Exit ER Department physical exit
Hospital Admission Hospital administrative admission
Hospital Fibrinolysis Fibrinolysis infusion during hospitalisation
Hospital Thrombectomy Thrombectomy surgical procedure during hospitalisation
Hospital Discharge Hospital administrative discharge
Long-stay Hospital Admission Long-stay (recovery) hospital administrative admission
Long-stay Hospital Discharge Long-stay (recovery) hospital administrative discharge